Vanessa Hudgens’ Pros Share Their Tips for Healthy Hair All Summer Long

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When it comes to summer hair hangups, Vanessa Hudgens‘ hair pros Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee have heard it all. From overly frizzy tresses and chlorine-tinged color, there isn’t a crisis they haven’t helped avert at their West Hollywood, Calif., hotspot Nine Zero One Salon. And now the duo is sharing their five-step TLC strategy for the pool, beach and beyond.


Hydrate like crazy: If you already spend 10 minutes every Sunday night nurturing your hair with a mask, you’re half-way there, says Capri. It’s equally important to also apply a mask on your just-cleansed mane before you take a dip. “Hair is very porous so if it’s filled with lots of moisture before swimming the chances of chlorine getting absorbed into it are less,” she says.

Scale all the way back on heat styling: Bury your blow drier way in the back of your closet with your winter clothes, and embrace your natural texture in summer, says Lee. Find the right lightweight leave-in conditioner for your hair and use it post-wash to keep your tresses in check.

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Keep tangles at bay: “We all want to look like mermaids, but if you’re swimming, you must put your hair up,” says Capri. If your up-do unravels, bring a travel-size bottle filled with a detangling product to immediately combat knots.

Fight the good fight against frizz: Your weapon of choice? A hair oil. “Frizz is a result of seriously dry hair, so incorporating a light oil in your routine will hydrate it and help eliminate frizz,” says Lee.

Shield your strands—and your scalp: In summer, your hair’s BFF is definitely SPF, says Capri. Put a waterproof sunscreen in your scalp and use a UV protectant spray throughout to salvage your dye job.

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