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Rihanna’s Hollywood Home

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If there’s one celebrity who has had he fair share of bad luck when it comes to homes, that would have be Rihanna. I mean the superstar has been moving from home to home. Take for example her initial home in Beverly Hills that she bought at $6.9 million and ended up selling for only $5.03 million with tons of legal issues and headlines.

Fortunately, after a couple of years of renting different homes in Los Angeles, Rihanna finally bought her current home in Hollywood Hills at $6.8 million in 2017. And the struggle has really paid off, to say the least.

The extremely modern home has a main house which covers approximately 7,130 square foot. The house is fitted with high arched doorway with contemporary steel-framed doors. Notably, the home features a highly modernized chef’s kitchen on the first floor, with highly advanced state of the art appliances, that adequately supplement the marble countertops.

Besides that, the house also has a slightly formal separate dining room almost adjacent to the sassy living room, whose most notable feature is the rustic fireplace that obviously comes handy during the cold weathers of Hollywood Hills. The star-like chandelier swinging from the dining room’s textured ceiling adds to the elegance and the huge plant by the window ensures love of nature is not forgotten. The hardwood on the floor also adds to the classiness, and so does the uniquely designed windows. I would say the living room does not hold up much with the contemporary design seen in other rooms, judging from the vintage décor, the fireplace and even the extra-long stools.

Moving up to the second floor is a massive master suite. You would not be able to miss the fireplace on the wall and the classy spa-esque bathroom just adjacent to the bedroom. The bedroom also has quite a spacious sitting area with extra seats. Similar to almost the rest of the house, the bedroom is also surrounded by high windows and glass walls. There are obviously other additional bedrooms and bathrooms which are almost as exotic.

Before we look at the exterior, let’s talk about the simple yet elegant in-house movie theatre. The room is fitted with extra comfortable couches neatly arranged.

Lastly, on the exteriors, the home has an infinity pool on the backyard with a seating area, obviously big enough to accommodate all her guests during the several parties she holds.

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