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Oprah Winfrey’s “Promised Land”

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Oprah Winfrey is an influential and iconic woman. Her position has indeed granted her a vast range of wealth, both financially and in property possession. It turns out the famous American philanthropist is not just a media executive, show host or television producer but also an entrepreneur and owner of numerous properties all over America.

The most exquisite of all the properties is her 65-acre home in Santa Barbara, California, which cost $85million. Initially, Oprah had named this property “Tara II” which she later changed to “Promised Land,” and she still calls it so.

The Sacred Places

There is an interesting part or two parts in the promised land. Oprah set aside part of her property for 12 oak trees symbolizing the 12 Apostles, making the place more biblical as its name does.

Another amusing thing is the sacred-like open-air house she meant to be her private place to take tea as she reads the New York Times. She once said in a sneak peek with US weekly, that she wanted the feeling of being in the room to resemble that of a hug.

The Living room

Now a peak in the inside will lead you to a living room filled with books. Initially, she had a bright and pretty living room. However, when designer Rose Tarlow visited her and mentioned that the living room was nothing like her, Oprah decided to change it and fill it with what made her tick; books.

The Kitchen

Oprah has been known to be very private when it comes to her private life and getting a good look at her house, especially the inside is hard. However, for the little that she has allowed being seen, her kitchen has expensive stoves, and initially, before the renovation, it had a fireplace and pizza oven. She felt the two were not necessary and therefore got rid of them.

Dining Room

Oprah’s dining room is smaller than many would expect. However, compared to how it previously was, her current dining room has a more modern look. Before, the room had a pink floral rug with a faded look, a table that allowed just ten guests and a sideboard.

Reading Room

Besides her open-air stone house, Oprah also has a personal library which she uses for reading. The room has built-in shelves with artfully arranged books. However, in an interview, Oprah mentioned that she does not appreciate anyone touching the books.

Additionally, on the walls are two paintings, Rent Day and The Writing Lesson, both by Harry Roseland.

The Opulent Bathtub

Apparently, Oprah’s love for lavish bathtubs did not vanish in 1998 when she mentioned it in an interview with Vogue. In her vibrantly decorated bathroom with plant color schemes is a huge luxurious tub.

In 2015, Oprah made an addition to her a property; a 23.26-acre land, just next to her home, for $28.85 million. The property was a horse ranch when she bought it, and it had a swimming pool, barn, stables, and a pond.

Well, after remodeling her home, with Rose Tarlow as the designer, Oprah admits it now “feels true.”

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