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Michael Jackson’s Son Gifts Himself a House After Turing 18

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Michael Jackson’s youngest son Blanket has reportedly bought a $2 million home in Calabasas, California. Blanked just turned 18 and this is his first home. You’d expect an 18-year-old to buy a modest home. The young lad went all out and bought a magnificent mansion. Blanked Jackson, popularly known as Bigi is popularly remembered for that time when his father, the legendary Michael Jackson, dangled him over a balcony for the crow below a hotel room to see him. The incident drew a lot of criticism as many people thought that Michael Jackson had risked Blanket’s life.

Blanket has bought a 6400 sq. ft. in a large gated community. The gated community has security guards who guard the area 24/7. The house comes with six bedrooms plus eight bathrooms. The house also comes with a swimming pool and a gym. It also features a home cinema, a library, and a massive walk-in wardrobe.

The front of the house features large glass and iron doors. The door will usher you into a grand hallway that’s decorated with a massive staircase and a domineering chandelier. The living room of the house comes with a log fireplace. The fireplace is extended upwards and is also available in the master suite which is upstairs. The kitchen is the other incredible space in the house. It features a large island at the center that has stainless steel kitchen appliances. There is also a sub-zero fridge and another separate fridge for wine and drinks. The house also has a large bar that can entertain quite a number of guests. Next to the kitchen is a massive dining room that is furnished with a hardwood table and another massive chandelier.

The master suite features a large king size bed that is certainly fit for a king. The suite also has huge bathroom that has a large marble bath. The outdoors features a gated brick pool and a Jacuzzi. It also features a barbecue station and a patio with a roof. The intricately manicured gardens around the home are quite attractive, and they give the home a peaceful aura.

Blanket bought the home immediately after turning 18 years. It should be remembered that his father’s Neverland Ranch is still on for $23.5 million. The $2 million Blanked pair for his new home is a far cry from what his father’s popular ranch is worth right now. Blanket’s new home is not far from his grandmother’s home. Katherine Jackson’s home, where Blanked has been living since the death of his father is just nearby.

Blanked has been the latest and last of Jackson’s children to buy their own home. Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter bought a home inside the Topanga Canyon neighborhood. The elder son Michael has a home in the seafront community of Rancho, Palos Verdes. Blanket’s new home is just an hour away from that of his brother.  Michael’s Children have found a way to curve out an independent life for themselves. They all seem to have their lives in order.




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