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Marnie Simpson is Finally Pregnant Despite

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There is no fear in a woman that beats that of realizing you cannot carry, bear or raise a baby. Marnie Simpson is no exception. The 26-year-old actress had borne the fears of infertility, and the thought scared her.

“Because I’d done Geordie Shore I’d convinced myself that I couldn’t have kids because of all the alcohol abuse,” she said.

Her fears were also boosted by the fact that she had had an abortion when she was young. However, albeit this was among the source of her fears, she mentioned that she does not regret having the abortion because she was young with no job or driving license. She added that when the right time came, that’s when she will have a baby boy; something she has always wanted, and according to her, 27 was a perfect age. Her choice of the gender of the baby was influenced by the fact that her family only had girls.

Just a little about how the two met. It was both funny and random. Marnie started following Casey after reading an article about him having been fired from boyband Union J, and she commented that she was interested in him because he was vulnerable. Casey on the other side first saw Marnie that time she followed him on Twitter, and he thought she was hot, and he slid into her DMs.

Even though this was the first encounter they had, they actually met was two years later at MTV’s Single AF

During last year’s summer, some followers started to have doubts if Casey will be the dad of Marnie’s baby boy. This was because of the alleged rocky situation they were in during that summer. However, it seems like the two lovebirds found their way back together because Marnie Simpson moved from her Newcastle to Bedfordshire to finally settle with her man and build a family.

It also looks like the right time finally came because Marnie and her boyfriend started making plans of having a baby. Despite the star’s fears, their efforts got rewarded, and she is currently expecting.

They are both so excited, and Casey at one point said, “I don’t think you’re ever ready until it happens, but we’re so excited. It feels amazing.”

The big question now is, is it a baby boy as she has always wanted or will they be blessed with a baby girl? Let’s wait and find out in October.

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