Madonna’s Quinta do Iberian

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The highest selling female artist and queen of pop has made a significant change in her domestic life. Mid this year, Madonna moved into a Portuguese home, the 18th century Moorish Revival mansion on the Quinta do the Iberian Peninsula, with her youngest children: David, 11; Mercy, 11; and the five-year-old twins Stella and Estere.

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Initially, this had been a hotel, and it was considered among the sexiest of that time. It lies on a 1,500 Sq. Ft land and has 12 bedrooms, all of which are differently furnished and decorated, and seven bathrooms. Madonna spent approximately $12.5 million, and it seems she will pay even more on doing some necessary repairs.

Madonna’s room has a massive bed with a green velvet headboard. One of her pillows was a gift from a friend, Micheal Jackson with some writings about “filthy, dirty press.” Hanging from the walls is a picture of her actress friend, Debi Mazar, with whom she has been friends for 30 years.

One of the bedrooms in the house has a bathroom that features a free-standing bath, located just next to the bed.

The house is fully furnished with opulent baroque furniture, along with Chinese rugs. The general outlook is a classic regal style. These ensure the house maintains its stately home nature.

Madonna loves her family, and her love is evidenced by the many photographs she has used to decorate the house.

Despite the elegance, the house has children, and that is evident from the artworks on the wall. Madonna is living in the house with children, and one might think that they are always in their rooms or outside playing, in fear of causing damages. However, this is not the case. The children are allowed to move around the house as much as they want and do other fun things with their mom. In fact, one of the pictures posted by Madonna on Instagram was of her youngest daughters, Estere and Stella, Baking cakes in the kitchen

The kitchen of the house looks busy with all the country baskets which have been suspended from the ceiling. Its general style is rustic and somewhat of Portuguese locale.

The estate has a garden with a touch of romantic design, and in it, there is lush vegetation among which are next to non-existent centenary oaks, magnolias, fuchsias, cedars, and palms. Not far from the garden are some spring fountains and a small lake

Additionally, the property has an approximately 1, 100 Sq. Caretaker’s cottage.


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