Lena Dunham Shows Of Before & After Shot Of Her Body

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“What a difference a year makes… First photo was
indeed a year ago today, on the first night after my hysterectomy for severe
endometriosis,” she wrote.

“I was smiling but my eyes say it all: full
of anxiety and grief that I couldn’t locate through the layers of pain meds and
benzos. Severe undiagnosed PTSD, feelings that my worth and purpose were being
taken from me, angry and self-pitying with no sense of how I’d emerge,”
she continued.

“The second pic was taken tonight, happy
joyous and (substance) free. The last year hasn’t been all roses and Kenny G
songs, but it’s been proof enough for me in the presence of the divine. The
divine- it’s been there in the kindness of my family, friends, chronically ill
folks online. It’s also been there in the moments where I cried myself to
sleep, shocked by the sounds coming out of me. It’s in the light slanting on my
comforter, the resilience of my best friend’s baby clonking her head then
giggling, the new hairs sprouting at my temples,” she added.

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