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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Home in Hidden Hills

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s home seems to be a little different from other celebrities because of the minimal decoration used and of course the ever sparkling white colour theme. Or maybe we think so because of their high privacy when it comes to showing their home, especially on social media. However, the strictness is becoming less and less, and the house is now known to most people. If you have not caught a glimpse of it yet, here is what it looks like.

The almost cabin-like mansion is situated in Hidden Hills, which is quite convenient to get away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi and it covers a land of approximately 3.5 acres. The house cost $60 million after the massive renovation the celebrity couple did before moving in, in 2014. Though the money was quite a lot, we cannot say it went to waste because the mansion is possibly everyone’s dream. Start with the two swimming pools that lie strategically on their land and, wait for it! Two personally owned vineyards. Seemingly, the family loves nature because, in addition to the vineyard, they also have a rose garden. As if that is not enough, the compound has two spas, a pool house, a sporting court and a guest house all within one compound.

The mansion has three island kitchens which have elegantly dangling chandelier from the bare-designed ceiling. One of the kitchens is a show kitchen, and the rest are used by the staff. There is also a separate modern dining room with white sparkling chairs and a long shiny dining table and a decently patterned window. The living room is also as simple as other rooms with exotic couches, a big coffee table in the middle and a medium-sized fireplace.

The master bedroom is the magnificent of all the rooms as it features a regal entryway which is delicately yet simply decorated. There are two bathrooms in the master suite and so are there two magnificent closets, probably his and hers.

The hallway is among the few places that have a bit extensive decorations. Actually, they are different portraits lined along the hallway, one of which is of Kim on her prom night.

Before finishing, though there are still other numerous places, the most confusing and interesting part of the house is the sinkless surface, which, according to Kim’s explanation has slight slope on the counter, where the water hits the surface then flows down without any backsplash, regardless of the pressure.

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