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Katie Price Is In Bandages

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If anyone has had it with her cosmetic surgeries, its Katie Price. The TV presenter and model recently went for a facelift on Friday in Turkey and from the pictures, she was in great pain.

She arrived in the hospital in high spirits, in her pink slippers and black bunny hoodie, feeling ready to look prettier. She also confidently signed the papers and posed still as her face was being traced.

However, the presenter came out of the surgery a different person. She was wheeled out of the room and later was seen walking around the hospital holding her surgical drains and in pink slippers. She looked frail and confused from the anesthesia and swollen from the surgery. She was heavily bruised and bloodied, and her blonde hair also had some blood. She even held on a nurse at one point for support.

This comes after she had an eyebrow lift and eye procedure which also did not go as she had wished in 2017. 

The next day she left the hospital for the UK in a wheelchair again. As the 40-year old model arrived in the UK on Saturday, she was met by her boyfriend Kris Boyson, 30, and her eldest son Harvey, 16. The two presented her with flowers, and she cozied up to them as she tried to hide her bruised and swollen face.

The black bruises below her eyes were quite evident, and she tried to keep a low key. However, her followers were not willing to let everything slide. When she posted a photo and captioned it “#Had Harvey in bed, but the rest of us watch BGT,” comments came in from the followers asking why she was hiding her face as others questioned how she was able to get back from Turkey so fast.

Her recovery, however, was not as bad as the process itself. She spent the rest of her day in a three-floor hotel with other surgery patients, where she was served with home-cooked meals. She had her. She also had three maids in her service and a full-time live-in nurse at her beck and call.

Besides the two surgeries, Katie has also undergone several other procedures including rhinoplasty, teeth veneers, boob jobs, bottom lifts, and regular Botox and dermal filler regime. She, however, swore not to go back for cosmetic surgery again, and that all those procedures were because she felt insecure especially about her weight gain.

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