Kate Hudson Chops Seven Inches Off Her Hair, Goes a Few Shades Blonder

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Kate Hudson decided to switch things up in a big way for the 2016 Golden Globes!

The stunning actress showed up on the red carpet looking hot in a two-piece, nude and silver ensemble, and although no one could stop talking about how smokin' she looked, people were also busy discussing her new hair!

Hudson decided to chop seven inches off her tresses and go for a jagged, long bob that accented her look perfectly. In fact, her hairstylist, David Babaii, dished the details on how they went about choosing the new ‘do.

“I cut off all of her hair,” Babaii explained to People magazine. “We cut off seven inches, I measured it. It's a really modern, jagged, crazy kind of cut.”

He said the look “needed to be modern, with a little bit of chaos” in order to match her ensemble. He also noted that he made her go a few shades blonder to pop with the color of the dress.

Hudson—who's donned a shorter look a few times before—shared a photo of the cutting process on Instagram, joking that she was going to make a film out of the big change.

“Check out trailer for my new film The Cut on Snapchat: Khudsnaps,” she captioned the photo.

Meanwhile, Babaii also took to Instagram to share his gratefulness in working with Hudson for 14 years.

“14 years today I met this beautiful person,” he wrote beside a black and white photo of the two before the Golden Globes on Sunday. “We have had the best times ever, She makes me laugh then makes me cry from laughing too much and sometimes we work. She is the best. Thank you boo for always making it awesome love u.”

We can't wait to see what she'll rock next!


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