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Jennifer Metcalfe Scare Leads Her to a Race to Fight Cancer

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After losing her father to cancer at the age of 15, Jennifer Metcalfe cannot seem to curb her fear for the disease especially after she went to the hospital for a smear and pre-cancerous cells were removed from her body. This was eight years ago, but her fear has not diminished yet, which is understandable being that a close family had passed away with the same condition.

She was also grateful for having taken the smear because, according to her, she was totally fine and had no signs at all about the cancerous cells, and had she delayed, she would have, God forbid, gone down the same path as her father.

Ever since the smear, the Hollyoaks star has been in constant action to fight the disease, both in others and in herself. To help her stay healthy, she goes for regular checkups.

She also advises people on the need for a regular checkup, and in one of her statements she said, “People think that if you feel alright there is nothing going on, but I felt absolutely in my prime.” According to her advice, no matter how fine you feel, you can never tell until you finally get checked-up.

She explains that even though the process of a smear is not the most comfortable experience, but it can save a life.

The star also holds charity events year in year out, and to her, it is not just goodwill and need to help, but it is also a close-to-heart thing. One of her most inspiring and motivating statement was, when that even though grieving doesn’t get any easier, coming together for a great cause does make you feel like you’re not alone and that there are other people in this with you.”

One of her remarkable charitable gestures was in this month when she and Hollyoaks co-stars together with her fans went on a two-kilometer race around the show’s set. Later they filmed a TV advert, Race For Life, for charity. The advert is scheduled to premiere during Monday’s edition of Hollyoaks, which will be April 29.

Jennifer seems to be as dedicated to the fight as she is dedicated to the love she had and still has for her late father. Though she had wished to have him till the end, she has accepted her situation, and besides, her son Daye is a constant reminder of him, and she sees a lot of her father in the boy.

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