How To Thicken Your Hair

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There is approximately 8 out of 10 people that will suffer from hair loss due to a lot of different factors. It could be due to the type of chemicals they put in their hair, stressful activities, and even natural causes like aging. But rest assured that Toppik knows what every client needs so you can say goodbye to those thin hair.

Toppik hair thickening product has an easy to use spray formula and is scientifically guaranteed to give best result within 30 seconds of use. It is made out of long lasting fiber formula that is hypo-allergenic and is safe for sensitive skin of both men and women and it consist of 9 shades with 4 different sizes. It is derived from clinically proven safe resources such as wool that produces a finer type of keratin  that bonds to the hair with the use of static electricity to essentially give your hair the natural look you have always wanted. The natural pigments blend seamlessly into the hair and creates a thicker and fuller look.

Aside from that,  Toppik hair thickening is clinically designed to last longer even if you have a busy schedule and or a hectic daily routine. You can apply the spray when your hair is semi-wet right after the shower or even after you dry down with a towel because it will naturally absorb the fiber. With the even distribution of fibers in your hair, you will definitely achieve that fuller hair you desire.

The Toppik Root Volumizer and Fiber spray has been receiving good reviews from clients all over the world and has been the number one choice of most men and women. It does not only concealed bald spots on your hair but also lessen baldness for about 4 to 5 years of continued use.

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