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Has Nicola’s Role in Coronation Street Contributed to Her Singlehood?

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Unknown to most people, popularity can be a disadvantage. While fans think the attention they give to stars make them feel special, turns out it does not do that all the time and Nicola Thorp can attest to that.

According to the former Coronation Street star, her role in the soap messed her sex and relationship life. She explains that instead of guys hitting on her because of who she is, they look at her and want to take a photo with her to show their nans. While this kind of attention can be fun for some people, it is the exact opposite for Nicola since it is making it hard for her to live the other parts of her life besides the career.

At one point she narrated how she could be in the bar and notices a good-looking man looking at her. She would gather her courage and go over to the man and say hello, expecting him to express how he liked, only to be met with a “Aren’t you Phelan’s daughter” comment.

Such are the disappointments she has to deal with. She never knows when a man is interested in the character or her.

Fortunately, Lisa seems to have found a solution to her problem. Since she has been only taking up roles of nice people or young mums, she feels this may be why fans light up when they see her and want to take selfies with her. Her solution is to start playing flawed characters.

I’ve always played quite nice people, or young mums, so to play a flawed character would be a bit of a dream,” she commented.

She actually quit her role as Nicola Rubinstein and is already auditioning for new baddie roles. Can she fit a flawed character as much as she fits the nice ones and will that help her improve her sex life? These are questions to which we will find the answers when she finally gets to the scene. Who knows? He might even end up finding her soulmate.

Anyway, even though it is very difficult on her side, she still gets to use dating apps, and according to her, they are brilliant more so for those with demanding work. She continues saying that the apps have allowed her to meet some pretty interesting people, who even though she is not dating, she is still friends with.

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