All About Hair Loss and Density

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Hair density is the amount of hair and its thickness around certain space in the scalp. Hair density differs from person to person which is affected by genes, age, race and gender. Younger people tend to have fuller and thicker hair than older ones. Older people because of age will have thinner hair, thus affecting hair density. It can also be observed that women have fuller hair in contrast with men. White men are also prone to get thinner hair earlier and go bald compared to black men, even though they seem to mature at an earlier rate.

People who have lower hair density will look like bald because their scalps can be seen through even though they still have hair on their scalps. This condition can be caused by excessive oil production on the scalp, making hair thinner as time goes by. The clogging of hair follicles will also promote hair density to fall and in the worst case scenario can lead to hair loss and baldness.

The hair is essential for looking younger and more confident regarding both men and women. Compared to those who have fuller hair, those who have lower hair density are less attractive and have less self-esteem.  Products from Toppik like the Root Volumizing Spray and Colored Hair thickener can help people with this issue. Products like these promotes hair thickening, making the hair look fuller and livelier. It can also conceal parts that have less and thinner hair compared with other parts of the scalp. Other alternatives to solve this is to live a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods rich in vitamin e and protein is a good example of this. If there is no hair fall occurring and yet hair thickness still continue to deteriorate, it is advised to see a doctor for a better examination.

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