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Fans Upset With Khloe Kardashian for Excessive Use of Photoshop

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Nowadays it so hard to find an original photo on Instagram with no filters at all. If you doubt that, show me the picture and I will point out the filters used on it. It has become a basic thing, a household name if I may call it that. However, I’ll just go right out and say it; some people do it excessively, especially some celebrities and fans have noticed that and they are not letting it slide.

One celebrity who has had fans all intrusive and messed up in her business is Khloe Kardashian. She has had it with the fans about her Instagram photos, and it looks like it is not anywhere near ending. Just recently she posted a selfie of her looking all vibrant with a caption “good vibes only.’ The photo, however, did not attract good vibes, rather the comments were brutal.

One follower was very blunt and commented, “Your eyes got pulled back too much” and included a straight face emoji.

“Now my eyes are pulled back? Lol,” Khloe responded, “oh man…you guys are really reaching. But sure whatever you want to believe.”

While Khloe has openly accepted before, that she uses filters in her photos, this one attracted a different reaction from her, which gets me wondering, was this one, one of her few photos with no filters? But that is hard to tell, especially after this keen observation from yet another Instagram user.

“One thing which stands out to me is that Khloé has a mole on her face.” Read the comment. “But yet 90% of her photos have been edited to the point where her mole has completely disappeared. It’s as if she thinks we are dummies who can’t see how unnatural her selfies are.”

Khloe felt the need to explain this, or was she being sarcastic? Hard to tell. However, she responded by thanking the user for noticing her mole and mentioned that she loves it, but sometimes she fails to wipe away her foundation which covers the mole. She ended her comment with “I hope you have a beautiful day! Hope you’re smiling.”

The KUWTK star seems to have grown a tough skin against such negative vibes, and she seems to have gotten used to the criticism as it is not the first time she has been accused of photoshop. She has even mastered the art of how to calmly respond to them.

Besides, she had some fans whose love for her was unchanged despite the filters and one of them was Natalie Halcro, the reality TV star, who commented, “cutie.”

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