Fans Are Concerned Lauren Harries Posts Bizarre Video

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Fans have grown used to the dramas of Lauren Harries, and it never seems to worry them much when she posts one of her funny photos or videos. Besides, she is a comedian, what can he do other than be funny?

However, her recent posts have gotten a little bit past the line, and fans are getting concerned. One of her photos that fans could not let go showed Lauren Harries as she attempted to eat a banana seductively. Most of the comments from followers urged her to stop, as others threw in comments like:

“Car crash its painful to watch you. I wish you all the best and hope you get well soon.”

“Slightly concerned about you.”

And many other others.

Another post that got fans all scared was the photo including other Big Brother contestants. The picture was of them on a night out which seemed nothing short of wild. In the photo, Lauren was holding onto a fellow comedian and had her eyes all wide open. This did not pass the eyes of the followers, and they did not waste time to air their opinions. The comments started coming in almost immediately, with one of the comments saying, “Eyes like saucers!”

These posts do not come long after her questionable video which was captioned, “Unpeel me like burrito…”

She also posted another video mid this month, and in it, she was licking her hands as she grabbed her burn. Her eyes also rolled backward, which made her look messy and “crazy.” She was trying to emulate Cheryl Tweedy’s performance on X Factor in 2018 in which she was licking her hands as she danced.

Her caption for this video was, “Saturday night mood… Let’ all get on it ladies! Welsh Night Life Queen!”

As usual, fans were on the standby with comments, and one expressed his worry, wondering if they should contact someone.

One follower also commented funnily, “Never seen someone’ eye rolling back so much!”

“My lady garden never needs trimming when there’s wood to be riding!” Wrote another.

Even with the concern expressed by followers, Lauren Harries seem to be okay with everything, and her being a transgender is one thing she is very proud of, and she expressed it  saying, “I’m a proud Trans woman.”

It cannot be said with much certainty if the comedian is only trying to be funny or if she is only prompting reactions from followers. Whichever it is, she is getting the attention and fans are worried

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