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Ellen DeGeneres Sells Her California Beach House

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Ellen DeGeneres, the popular talk show host, and her wife Portia de Rossi have sold their Santa Barbara beach house. They house had been put on sale for $24 million early last year. It has been sold for a little over $21 million. Ellen had bought the house for $18.6 million about 2 years ago. Ellen has become accustomed to buying and flipping houses, and it seems she makes some pretty decent profits out of it. Ellen and Portia, who is a popular actress, sold the house just after they had bought another home in Beverly Hills. They bought the Beverly Hills home from Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

The California beach house has been on the listing for about and year, and it has been a topic of discussion in many instances. It is a spectacular home with an amazing beach front. The home has 6000 sq. ft. of living space. It is located in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, California. It comes with a tennis court, a plunge pool, and a separate guest house. There are a lot of other exciting features in this home.

The house includes the beach front which measures 77ft in total. You can watch the beach from the Seaview deck or a rooftop patio. There is also a magnificent master suite balcony. That is exposed to plenty of natural light.

The house sits of a 1.13 acres piece of land. The main house comes with 4 bathrooms and a living room. The entire house has floor-to-ceiling windows. The windows towards the seaside can slide open and usher you to panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. The kitchen is massive and it ushers you to an outdoor patio. The house also features a master bedroom that has a fireplace. There is a door that ushers your outside from the bedroom to a private patio with a view of the beach.

Inside the master bedroom is a master bathroom that features a bathtub and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The bathroom has ocean views as well. The house features multiple decks, with the biggest one coming off the living room. As mentioned earlier, the property includes a tennis court. The tennis court is located on the outdoor courtyard of the main house. The property also comes with a separate guest house that features one-bedroom and two bathrooms. The living room of the guest house ushers you onto the tennis court. The beach can be easily accessed from the guest house as well.

According to People magazine, Ellen has bought up to 12 house within a period of 20 years. Ellen has a lot of influence around the world, and it no wonder that she is able to flip expensive houses within a short duration. Certainly, there are a lot of people would want to have something that is associated with Ellen DeGeneres in one way other the other.

Given the massive following that Ellen has, she certainly has the money to buy and flip houses as she wishes. Forbes ranked her as the 15th highest paid celebrity in 2018. It put her net worth at $275 million.



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