Eli Manning and Peyton Manning Prank Students in Hilarious New Gatorade Video Series—Watch the Video Now!

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Don't get caught next to a Gatorade machine if you're not willing to sweat in return for an ice cold beverage! You never know who will show up.E! News has an exclusive first look at Gatorade's new online video series, in which NFL players Peyton Manning and Eli Manning visit college campuses and use hidden cameras to capture their interactions with unsuspecting students. In each video, various students attempt to purchase Gatorade from a vending machine and learn quickly that to do so, they have to “sweat it to get it.”

The video begins with a student putting in money into the vending machine for a Gatorade, but the lights on the vending machine quickly flash off. The “janitor” advises him that there is a better way to get a Gatorade, and points to the “you don't sweat it you don't get it” sign adorning the machine. In walk Eli and Peyton.
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The students reactions are priceless when they see the two NFL athletes. Eli's got a stopwatch around his neck, and Peyton wears a whistle around his neck. The brothers keep a straight face the entire time, and proceed to make the students work out to break a sweat and earn their Gatorade.The Mannings might have careers in coaching!

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Gatorade's new video series launched online today.
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