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ED Sheeran Granted Permission to Build a Worship House

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Ed Sheeran has been granted permission to construct a worship house in his Suffolk country estate. He plans to build a boat-shaped worship house. Ed Sheeran is a popular singer and songwriter popular for songs such as perfect and shape of you. It is not unusual for celebrities to want to build extraordinary and sometimes outright bizarre homes or structures. He has not made it clear what his motivation towards building this boat-shape worship house is.

Ed Sheeran has been very successful with his music, and we certainly know that money is not a challenge to him. You’ve got to have a lot of it to be able to do what he is doing. Apparently, the singer submitted an application to be allowed to build a structure where he can retreat and mediate as well as pray, on his massive estate which is popularly known as Sheeranville.

A place of worship and prayer is certainly a noble idea. However, his idea had initially faced some objections from some sections of the local council. The Parish council complained about large lorries that would have to wait outside the property during construction. Regardless the East Suffolk council saw no reason to not authorize the construction of the structure.

Architects from Donald Insall Associates said that Sheeran wanted to build a place where he could host key life milestones and family events. They indicated that the place would be used for functions such as christenings, marriage, and other social gatherings. Apparently, he wants it to be a peaceful spot for his guests at Sheeranville. According to the application, Sheeran will be receiving guest from all over the world. The application cites Ireland, USA, Asia, Australia, Ghana, and Nigeria as some of the countries from which the guests will be coming.

According to the designs submitted, the structure will but constructed towards Sheeran’s house. That is accordance to the Abrahamic and Oriental traditions that he subscribes to. The sunrise should fall on the entrance of the structure squarely. Other notable aspects are the leaf-shaped roof, which also includes a cone. A spire shaped roof could not be used because it would have obstructed the nearby Church of St. Mary from the sunrise.

The application terms the building as modern and novel. It indicates that it will have stained glass windows as well as curved walls. That combined with the cone-shaped roof will give it the sweeping boat shape and feel.

It should be noted that Sheeran has submitted an application for building a wedding chapel for him and his wife, then girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn. He wanted to build the chapel for their weeding but it was rejected. Sheeran has already made some interesting additions to the estate since he moved in. Among the most notable ones is a man cave that has a gym, Jacuzzi, billiard room, and a recording studio. The worship center is going to be a very interesting addition. From the look of things, Ed Sheeran will stop at nothing in ensuring Sheeranville is a paradise for him and his family.



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