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Dancing With The Stars Says Goodbye To Its First Celebrity – Who’s Out?

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What could be better than shopping for fresh seasonal decor? Well, watching our favorite stars compete with each other of course. Come one. Who’s not waiting for them to get booed at some celebrity show or something? Ooops. Hope we didn’t offend someone with that statement but it’s all part of the show, right? Since we’re humans and we can’t get enough talking about (and obviously stalking) the celebrities like the rest of you all, let’s get down to business.

Dancing With The Stars has only just begun, but things are already looking nasty, which was all the more reason for the audience to stay glued to the show. Maksim Chmerkovskiy suffered from a very bad calf injury, and now, Heather Morris is without a partner. Through all of the commotion , it was inevitable that one contestant’s luck will eventually run out – this person failed to deliver outstanding performance for two consecutive weeks.

The guys and gals seemed to have thought that playing safe was the best thing to do. While they showed decent performances, it was noticeable that they were not in it to make an unforgettable impression with the audience. Harsh this may be, but some critics blatantly told that some of the performances were ‘downright awful.’ Ouch, now that really hurts!

On the brighter side, some of the stars did manage to pull off good performances. Let’s take for example Normani Kordei. She is killing it with her performances like that of an expensive fresh seasonal decor – just right for this show’s season. Kordei and partner Valentin Chmerkvoskiy were able to slay their cha-cha. They got a total score of 32.

Not to be outdone, NFL star Rashad Jennings along with partner Emma Slater showed the audience the right way to do a Viennese waltz. Just like Kordei and Chmerkvoskiy, they also walked away with a score of 32.

And who won as the most terrible of all? Kattan, Mr. T., and Charo were way below the marks, it was actually painful to watch. So who went home? No thanks to a bad surgery, it was the final dance for Kattan in Dancing With The Stars.

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