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Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Bel-Air Home

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My heart goes out to Beyoncé’s and Jay. Z’s house. I mean this was a major improvement from the $400 000 apartment they rented before and certainly way better than the two other mansions they lost before even owning. And honestly, the couple’s more than three-year struggle to get a perfect house certainly paid off.

Beyoncé’s magnificent mansion is situated in Bel-Air, California, and it covers approximately 1.88 acres. The house was initially listed for $120 million, but the couple managed to get it at $88 million in 2017. Here’s a little something about the sassy home.

Let’s begin with the exterior. The mansion is built on a hillside with about three neighboring homes. The total number of structures are six including, a staff quarter, a 15-car garage, a basketball court and the four modern swimming pools, with one of them perched on the roof. The homestead has a broad entrance with some trees planted on the side, and it provides a clear view of the front section of the house.

There is also a backup generator which was actually not there before, but the couple had it installed before moving in. Amazingly, all the windows are bulletproof, and the security gates are woven metal. The building also has several exotic travertine tiles leading to and from different parts of the building, notably the one leading to below the ground level.

Moving in, the mansion has eight bedrooms with fifteen bathrooms. There is a massive, contemporarily designed living area just under the pools. The mansion also has a modern kitchen with recessed lighting on the ceiling. The kitchen also features two huge islands with advanced technology appliances, except maybe for the 1899 Miele gas cooktop which only cost around $1,800. The cabinet and the fireplace are built with marble which matches that of the islands.

The living room is also high end, and it has exotic coaches with an electric fireplace and remarkably high windows. Moving a little into the interior, there is a wide-spaced and expensive bathroom with ceiling to floor glass windows and a massive bathtub conveniently installed next to a shower room. One of the bedrooms, seemingly the master bedroom, also has an electric fireplace mounted on the wall. The exterior glass walls are automatic and can disappear into the walls just by the touch of a button to reveal a breathtaking view.

A long spiraling and elegant staircase also run down to the living room just next to the wide view bulletproof windows.

Notably, the house has a home theatre and a spa with two steam rooms. It also has a playroom and a gym where the couple can swing by and do some workouts.

This was just a brief overview of the whole house. There is still more detailed aspects that will have you wishing you could at least live there yourself.

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