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Ariana Grande’s Beverly Hills Home

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For every social media and music lover, the name Ariana Grande will definitely ring a bell if not bells. However, how well do we really know the 26-year-old celebrity? Here’s a little about her exotic homes.

Beverly Hills Home

Being the big star that she is, Ariana Grande has more than just one home. However, she spends most of her time in her home in Beverly Hills which we are going to have a look at.

To begin with, the big mansion covers an area of about 6,226 square meters. It has five exotic bedrooms and five bathrooms. All the bedrooms face the back of the building, and they are all fitted with huge windows which allow for a range view of the beautiful scenery. Even better, the bedrooms on the first floor have big balconies which give an even better look. And just as expected, the master bedroom has a great walk-in closet. Four of the bathrooms are fully constructed with huge windows and bathtubs.

The mansion also features a very exotic kitchen with a long island and some chairs. Almost immediately beside the kitchen is a separate dining room with a massive dining table and several classy dining chairs all around it. With a beige ascent, the house is filled with expensive décor, and the living room is no exception. The walkways are also perfectly constructed with a classy touch and incredible sassiness. The marble floor gives it a regal feel and so do the spotlights in the ceiling and the Stonegate rails.

Having been built on a hilltop, the mansion is surrounded with beautiful natural scenery which not only enhances the aesthetic value of the surroundings but also provides fresh air and a smoothly cooling breeze. The scene is even better by the big swimming pool with an adjoining hot tub, which is right in front of the house. After a swim, you can just lay back on the several seats by the pool and enjoy the fresh breeze and breathtaking view.

A naturally decorated private walkway runs from her mansion all the way to her evergreen gardens, and also, this is the best part, she has her own private driveway to and from her mansion.

The mansion has some other rooms, and the above mentioned are just the basics. Let’s not also forget about the playroom which has a pool table set next to a full-view window. One can only dream…

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