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Amazing Gardens Celebs Love

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Amazing Gardens Celebs Love

Gardens are a sight to behold because it brings us closer to nature. It helps us calm our senses and relieve stress while enjoying the outside world. Amazing Gardens are often visited by famous people and celebrities because they stand above others in design, aesthetics and composition. Their placement of their numerous kinds of plants and trees combined with stone decorations and outdoor furniture makes their beauty one of a kind from one another.

  • Mirabell Gardens located in Australia is a sight to behold because of its age, history, floral decorations, fountains and antique marble statues which dates back to 1600. Star Hugh Jackman and Singer Kylie Minogue had visited this place numerous times.
  • Ji Chang Yuan Garden which is located in China is designed to blend Chinese culture into nature. The pavilions placed above the man made waters gave the place a calm atmosphere while having a feeling of depth which is why it is named as the Garden of Ecstasy. Jackie Chan had some of his movies shot here.
  • The Desert Botanical Garden is not the typical type that men can usually find. The plants and its flora and fauna are composed of those which you can find in a desert. Despite of the heat in the desert of Arizona, this garden is bustling with life while being surrounded by the red rocks of Phoenix. Lucas films Star Wars had been shot in places near this place.
  • Kenroku-en Garden located in Japan which is owned by the Maeda Family during the era when feudalism flourished. This garden is a stunning place of serenity and simplicity. It is best to go to the place when cherry trees blossom and enjoy the pink coloration brought by its leaves falling.
  • Claude Monet’s Garden in France is owned by the renowned painter Oscar Claude Monet. This garden is a reflection of his artworks which are profound yet simple. The plants and structures are placed esthetically giving it a painting like aura.


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