Allison Mack Awaits Sentencing

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Everyone knows the story of Mack and her prison sentence. Her recent guilty plea has had fans and haters both confused. Is she really to blame? Was she aware of what was going on? All these are hard to answer, but all we can say is that fans are confused and do not know what to believe.

The confusion is well justified because everyone who knows the actress would attest that hers was a happy and fulfilled life with constant uplifting messages on her social media.

 Each day, her social media pages had something like, “I always say joy is the happiness that doesn’t depend on what happens.”

Or another like, “I want to be remembered for my joy. I want to be remembered as a woman who was honest and true and joyful.”

However, leaning on the arrest details, we are left wondering whether or not the vibrancy and self-fulfillment she put out were triggered by something more than just the normal drive to be happy and live a fulfilling life.

Just briefly about the actress’ cause of arrest, Mack was arrested 20th of April 2018 on conspiracy to commit forced labor and on sex trafficking. This came a few weeks after her purported conspirator was arrested in Mexico. According to the arrest details, Raniere had a group of 15 to 20 women with whom he had sexual relations, and who were required to do certain errands and exercises to meet his “needs.” These women were not to have any sexual relations with anyone else apart from Raniere.

Mack’s charge was built on the claim of conspiracy to support such inhuman acts. In fact, according to the case, she was the mastermind of the whole thing. She recruited unsuspecting women to an “empowering” secret group, where they expected to be empowered only to be met with sexual duties to perform.

The group did not just stop at that. It had more members who were expected to recruit others, for them to earn a chance of climbing up the ladder of power.

The case has ever since been in court until recently when the actress pleaded of conspiracy and mentioned, in her statement, that she innocently thought the women were to be mentored and did not think they had to take up such responsibilities. She went ahead and said that either way she accepted the part she played and that she intends to be a better person. Her sentencing is scheduled for September 11.

Her confession has had people confused, one of whom, Catherine Oxenberg, whose daughter was involved in the whole ordeal. While she wants justice for what her daughter was subjected to, she also feels sympathetic towards the actress because of the ruins to which her life has turned to.

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