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Adele is Moving On From Her Break-up… On Her Own Terms

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Adele and Simon Konecki finally split publicly. To be precise, she ended things with him. Allegedly, the former couple had had troubles for a while now and The Sun reveals that they had been living separate lives.

The struggle finally became too much and they decided to end things. They are not done with sharing their properties and businesses yet and the processes are still ongoing. Despite that, Konecki went back home to the UK as Adele remains behind to enjoy living in Beverly Hills in her exotic mansion.  

This was not the first marriage of Simon that did not work out. In 2004, he married Claryst Fisher, and the marriage lasted till 2008 when they ended it. A source mentioned that he was already dating Adele before the divorce finalized, claims which she denied.

Anyway, as any normal person would, Adele is moving on with her life after her break up. Even though her main focus is on her son, Angelo, she is also determined to include romance in her life.

Not long after her marriage, the singer planned a bash, supposedly to mark her newly single lease of life. During the bash, she joked of her being officially a stay-at-home mum. But she had had a few, and we cannot really take her for her word. The dramas do not stop at that because only a few days later she was grinding to Sweet Dreams by Beyonce, in Boom Boom Room.

She has also developed a thing for American guys, and it comes as no surprise when she was spotted with a rugged-face American guy. She actually kissed with him. The resemblance between this guy and Simon was obvious. However, this one was more handsome, and the beards were neatly kept. It seems like we now know her type.

Besides her newly found “relationship” and her son, another thing that has kept Adele occupied is her studio. Since her break up, she has spent significantly a lot of time in the studio. I would say it is safe to cross our fingers for a new song from her and judging from the situation at hand; the new song could be filled with emotions.

All these get us thinking, is she really over Simon or is she trying too hard to get over him?  If she is over him, then how do you explain the striking resemblance between the new guy and Simon?

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