Will Luis Step Up To The Teen Mom 2 Plate For His Daughter Stella?

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 10:05am by Celeb

Briana expressed her co-parenting expectations to Luis before their daughter was born — but so far, the mother of two has already felt nothing but frustration toward Baby Stella’s father. Now, on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Luis unexpectedly left Briana and their newborn in the middle of the night, causing the DeJesus family to vent about his behavior.

“His second day, he’s already running like a little bitch,” Roxanne said to her daughters and Bri’s firstborn Nova. “What is he thinking? His actions are horrible.”

Luis’ explanation, via text message: He didn’t appreciate “being told what to do” and said he would “help out” in the daytime.

But Briana was firm, stating, “Since she’s born, you haven’t stepped up.” And later in the installment, Briana reflected on why she had once considered an alternative parenting plan for their little girl.

“It’s crazy how I was all for adoption — because I knew me and him couldn’t take care of a baby by ourselves. [But] he was so hesitant to do it,” Bri told her mother (after Luis stated he would be late to see his newborn). “And now he has nothing to show, so why [was he] so hesitant knowing [he] can’t take care of a baby?”

Briana and Luis have both made their frustrations with each other very clear — and it’s not a surprise that they are having difficulty settling into a routine with their infant. But will Luis prove Briana wrong and step up? Or are Briana’s instincts correct about her ex, and is he unable to care for Stella? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.

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