Tori Spelling Opens Up About The True Tori Episode With Dean McDermott's Ex Mary Jo Eustace!

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You wanted the truth, and now you're getting it!

We've been following the drama that happened following Dean McDermott‘s affair, and this is just a huge piece to the puzzle!

In a recent episode of True Tori, Tori Spelling sat down with her hubby's ex Mary Jo Eustace. You know, the lady he cheated on with Tori.

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Anyways, it turned into something not-so-great when Tori found out some things that she's now struggling with! But in a recent interview with Kathie Lee and Hoda (below), Miz Spelling held nothing back! She explained:

“This is our real life. True Tori is as true as it gets on reality TV. We wanted her to be on it because I was dealing with things from my past, things that I hadn't confronted, and she was a big part of that. I wanted to deal with that and move on. She was happy that I was apologizing and that she accepted that, but she wanted me to know that I should own it. Her belief is that Dean and I played 50/50 in what we did.”

And she's TOTALLY aware of karma, saying:

“‘Karma's a bitch.' I get that so much. Yes, Twitter, I get that a lot.”

Well, at least she knows, right?

As for letting her relationship dissolve in front of thousands of viewers, Tori said it's “cathartic” and a form of “therapy” because in her family, they didn't talk about emotions.

Hopefully they can figure things out, but Tori meeting with Mary Jo has only seemed to complicate things more.

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