Tony Hawk Riding A REAL Hoverboard And It's Pretty Amazing! This Isn't A Trick!!

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Tony Hawk is known for his high flying maneuvers on the skate board, but he may start winning accolades for his moves on the other kind of board.

The hoverboard!!!!

The skating legend recently took his valuable butt over to Hendo Hover‘s warehouse in Los Gatos, California where he tried out their newest project – a crowdfunded actual hoverboard that floats a dang inch off the ground!

And also rides at 15 miles per hour!

Technology, huh?!?!

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Tony seemed pretty comfortable on the hoverboard and luckily he caught and shared the whole thing on the company's Instagram page. Plus, this is real, not like the last time he was on a “hoverboard.”

There are no plans to make Tony the sponsor of this magnificent wave of the future, but we're pretty sure they'd make their product a lot more viable if they did.

He's kind of a natural fit! Plus it looks like he can actually ride the thing!

Checking out the video (below) !!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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