The Father Who Sang To His Dying Newborn Thanks All Of His Supporters At Memorial Service

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Chriss Picco got a chance to thank some of his supporters this weekend.

Last week, Chris Picco shared an absolutely heartbreaking video of himself singing to his dying newborn son Lennon after his wife Ashley passed away following childbirth.

But despite the devastating loss, he has found himself surrounded by supporters from all over the world who have been sending constant messages of love.

[ Video: Father Sings The Beatles' Blackbird To His Dying Newborn ]

This past weekend, Chris held a memorial service at Loma Linda University Church where family, friends, and strangers got a chance to say their goodbyes. Chris also got a chance to thank some of his supporters face-to-face, saying:

“I could never articulate how much your support and your strength, and your prayers, and your emails and your Facebook messages and your text messages … I don't even know how any of you got my number but there's been a lot of ‘thank you.'”

Since the video was posted less than a week ago, it has been viewed more than 14 million times and is flooded with messages of support, love, and hope.

Chris says he hopes his story gives strength to others in similar situations, and while he says he's having a hard time properly thanking his supporters, it's pretty clear that no “thank you” is necessary.

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