Slipknot — NO POOP FOR YOU! County Craps On Dung Burning Stunt

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Slipknot Burning Camel Poop
‘s plan to stink up a music festival … BY SETTING CAMEL DUNG ON FIRE … just went down the toilet — fire officials have officially pulled the plug.

The metal band had plans to fill drums with camel poop and oil … then set them ablaze during its 3-day Knotfest Music Festival later this month in San Bernardino. The band's burning desire was for the stench to “infest your brain, body and clothes for days.”

Naturally, county fire officials ain't having it — but their beef isn't with the camel feces … it's the burning oil … which is illegal in Cali. Also, they say the odor of flaming feces could be considered a public nuisance. Ya think?

Bottom line — the show will go on … sans burning poo. A rep for Knotfest says they haven't given up yet … they're looking for a safer way to get that camel s**t scent.


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