San Francisco's Newest Mayor Is… A Chihuahua?? So CUTE!

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San Francisco has a new mayor and boy is she a cute one!

Her name is Frida, she's a 6-pound chihuahua mix, and she has her owner Dean Clark to thank for her new position.

Clark bid and won an auction for the one-day-only mayorship, sponsored by the nonprofit San Francisco Animal Care and Control.

How much did he have to shell out to get his dog to be mayor for a day? Clark said:

“All I can say is it was a healthy donation, not just a couple of dollars. Four years ago I tried to become District 6 supervisor. So the joke's going around that at least one member of the family made office.”

Ha! We can see why he'd be willing to spend a fair chunk of change on making his dog mayor.

This all sounds like how normal politics works, the one with the most money wins the office, right?

Let's hope Frida isn't as corrupt as your average big city mayor. We'll be on the lookout for a suspicious rise in cats taken to the pound. LOLz!

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The aging little pooch is apparently a sweet-tempered little cutie, and she'll be commemorated at City Hall in front of hundreds of other dog owners.

There will even be a press conference! Though the craziest part is how local business owners donated money to give Frida a pension when she leaves office!

What a lucky pup!! Way to win the election Frida, may you rule with an iron paw.

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