Richard Simmons' Friends Give Proof Of Why They're Worried About His Shut-In Status

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This sounds worse than we thought!

Last week, concerns arose about exercise guru Richard Simmons not having contact with the outside world, possibly due to depression.

Simmons recently found out he needs a knee replacement, and he also suffered the loss of his beloved dog.

However, despite his attempts to put people at ease, Simmons' friends are still very worried!

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He reportedly hasn't talked to them since March 10th, and a few months ago, the mother of a close friend died, and Richard didn't even go to the funeral!

Another friend added that 66-year-old was close with Joan Rivers and “There is no way he wouldn't have gone to her funeral if he was ok.”

The most troubling news is that Richard hasn't even been to his exercise studio in months!

The friend added:

“If Richard is really ok and is aware people are extremely concerned about him, he'd pick up the phone and tell them to relax. But he hasn't, and we're worried sick.”

It's so sad to see one of the most historically happy people suffer from depression like this, if that's indeed what's causing this change.

Hang in there, Richard!

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