Parson School of Design To Give Recognition to Rihanna

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Some people may think that Rihanna is a bit too bold for her own good, following her notorious comments about other stars on social media. Well, her boldness is not without it benefits it seems. A New York- based school thinks that Rihanna is deserving of an award.

Nope, it’s not because she graduated in their Interior Design course and came up with an amazing dream bathroom design. The Umbrella singer received an honor for supposedly empowering individuals, more specifically, that of younger women. Rihanna was given the award on March 22nd during the 69th annual Parsons Benefit Gala. Alongside her were retailer Neiman Marcus Group and designer Eileen Fisher.

Some easily saw the reason why Rihanna became the recipient of the award. The singer has made several contributions to the music industry and she is also a constant figure in fashion events. Some on the other hand say that it’s all thanks to her philanthropic contributions.

Joel Tower, Parson’s executive dean, seems to agree to all of the mentioned reasons. He says that Rihanna is instrumental to the success of their recent alumni; the singer was seen wearing their designs. The executive dean also commended Rihanna for her participation in philanthropic programs where she has shown support to different communities, promoting health, education, and emergency programs internationally. For instance, her Clara Lionel Foundation already has plans to hold its 3rd Annual Diamond Ball in New York City this September. The ball seeks to raise money which they plan to use for global education and health.

What some people do not know is that Rihanna is not only generous with her money and time for social causes. She also spoils her family like crazy. Last year, she bought a $1.8 million mansion in Barbados for her father. Now we are very sure that this has a dream bathroom in it. Back in 2012, she also bought her mother a 5-room mansion.

We salute you for your achievements Ri!

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