Miley Cyrus — You're Screwing Up Our Dance … Nae Nae Creators Say

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Miley Cyrus Nae Nae
Miley Cyrus‘ version of the “Nae Nae” is total crap … so say the guys who created the dance — and based on the video they sent us, it looks like the Toonz wanna teach her a lesson.

Miley appeared on an Australian morning show this week and taught the hosts how to “Nae Nae” — or so she claimed … because the Toonz weren't impressed.

Watch the fellas call her out in this video — they even included a how-to on the RIGHT way to do it, but we're guessing it's for advanced users only. Translation: We still don't know how it's done.

And as wrong as Miley's might be … it's still better than Arnold Schwarzenegger's attempt.


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