Miley Cyrus Nude Photos Leaked

Posted on Apr 18 2017 - 10:07am by Celeb

Miley Cyrus’ naked photos just got leaked online. It seems that her photos were stolen and these were posted on a website. The We Can’t Stop hitmaker is not the first to have suffered from the same type of problem. It seems that the X-rated website previously posted nude photos of Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson just last month. While the website is shamelessly using naked photos of celebrities to help attract more visitors, Seyfried and Watson are not taking the matter lightly. Their legal teams are already working on their behalf to demand that said images be removed.

Emma Watson was forced to issue a statement after she got hold of news of an online post which claimed that she had nude photos on an anonymous message board and on some of the encrypted parts over the Internet. True enough, there really were pictures of her and that of fellow actress Seyfried. These were on a matrix of encrypted website where users were allowed to surf anonymously. According to a representative of Watson, it was confirmed that the actress really had some of her pictures stolen. These they say that these came from a clothes fitting from two years ago. However, they insisted that none of these were naked pictures. The spokeswoman told reporters that it was only a clothes fitting and Emma happened to be with a stylist. She refused to comment any further as per the instructions of their lawyers.

Seyfried on the other hand refused to comment about her photos being hacked. Her lawyer on the other hand demanded that the photos be taken down. As indicated by the letter obtained by TMZ, the photos were illegally posted without having elicited the consent of the actress. The letter states that the private photographs of Seyfried in nudity as well as her intimate moments with former boyfriend were posted. Until now, it is still not evident if the photos were taken from Seyfried’s or Long’s device.

One thing is for sure for all of the three celebrities though – they need to calm their nerves, maybe take a hot bath by a few scented candles.

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