Michelle Pfeiffer Is Coming Back to Hollywood

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 2:34pm by Celeb

While gorgeous area rugs will eventually succumb to the test of time, Michelle Pfeiffer seems to be telling everybody that her time is not yet done as she is back in Hollywood. That’s right – her temporary break is ended. The 58-year old actress will be part of the cast for the upcoming American drama film, “Mother!”Starring with her will be Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem.

And she is off to a great start. She has another project – she will also be seen in the upcoming mystery film, Murder on the Orient Express. She will be acting alongside Penelope Cruz, Daisy Ridley, and Johnny Depp in this film this coming fall.

Why the sudden comeback? Some are speculating now that she might have missed the limelight. Or maybe the projects were too good to turn down? As it turns out, there is another reason why she decided to return.

She told reporters that she is an ‘empty nester’ now. Pfeiffer is a mother of two children, John Henry and Claudia Rose. While she chose to keep them out from public eye for personal reasons, she was a devoted mother to them, no doubt about it. However, they are now all grown up and the actress felt that she now has a lot of time in her hands, a good reason to take up acting once again.

She also told Interview Magazine that she never lost her love for acting and that she feels at home being in a movie set. She also added that she feels more balanced when she was working. In the past though, because she had the kids to take care of, she was very particular about the location and schedule, making sure that it was okay with the kids’ schedule. With the kids all grown up, she might be open to being more flexible now.

We might not get to see her meow or groom herself on gorgeous area rugs à la catwoman, but we will be seeing her on screen, that’s for sure.

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