Melanie B Selling Her Home After Breakup

Posted on Apr 1 2017 - 1:47pm by Celeb

Ten is supposed to be a perfect number, and Melanie was close to celebrating ten years of marriage with her husband Stephen Belafonte, but nope. The former Spice Girls singer already filed for divorce, yet another celebrity marriage that ended in separation. Is the wish of forever not true is many relationships after all?

According to sources, the 41-year-old singer filed the divorce in court with the reason on the documents cited as “irreconcilable differences” says Mail Online. Melanie B and Belafonte tied the knot in Las Vegas on June 2007. Their marriage gave them a daughter, Madison. Brown supposedly listed December 28 as the date of their separation.  It seems that it is not as bad as the other divorces in Hollywood. She is hoping to get joint custody for their daughter but did ask a judge to disallow spousal support for Belafonte.

What happened to the lovey dovey photo that she posted on Instagram this February? It can be recalled that she even wrote how the two of them have been together through everything and even commented that they came out stronger. She also added how Belafonte loved her for who she really is.

What could have happened since then? Well, it seems that ‘through everything’ could also reach ‘enough is enough’. According to Belafonte’s brother, the film producer is a cheater. Jeremiah Stansbury told reporters how he would brag about his conquests. He says that Belafonte even went on to the extent of flirting with their Filipino nanny.

Melanie B filed for divorce right after the death of her father. She has their home listed for sale. Available photos show that they have a nice-looking kitchen, not exactly like the fancy designer kitchens you see on magazines, but there are other nice spaces in it such as the pool area. She is hoping to get $11.78 million from it.

As for her $65 million fortune, it’s safe and sound. California law states that indefinite spousal support can only be awarded to couples who have been married for more than ten years. She was just in the nick of time.

We don’t know about you but divorce or no divorce, a great property is always a nice thing to have, and its even better when sporting designer kitchens.

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