Kyle Richards — Dog Trainer Says Sister Kim Is Unfit Pit Bull Owner

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1106-kyle-david-kim-facebook-instagramKyle Richard‘s sister Kim is an unfit dog owner and her pit bull should be taken away from her immediately … so says the guy who tried to train the dog and almost got a piece taken out of him.

David Utter says Kim ignored both his warnings and the warnings of Bravo producers from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” … warnings that the pit bull should be muzzled at all times.

David says Kim played with fire … allowing Kingsley to run free around the house without any restraint … putting guests in great peril.

The trainer is indignant that 3 people were bite victims … all inside Kim's house. And David says the 3 strikes law should apply here.

He's not advocating that Kingsley be destroyed, but he thinks the dog should be immediately taken away from Kim. Thing is … the Dept. of Animal Services will only get involved if Kyle's family complains about the most recent attack against her daughter … and that's unlikely.


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