Justin Bieber — Hits On Hot Model Using Disney Pickup Line

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Justin Bieber can put Bill Clinton to shame … and if you doubt that check out this video of the Biebs zeroing in on a very hot model he ultimately reels in.

Bieber was cruising Rodeo Drive in a Rolls-Royce when he caught a glimpse of Jacqueline Younis … who was in the middle of a photo shoot for Festoun clothing.

JB ordered his driver to stop … and he then summoned the damsel to the Rolls … and she obliged.

Bieber — practically drooling — took a pic with her and it looked like they were about to exchange numbers, but his fame got in the way … too many photogs, too many fans.

BTW … check out his pickup line, comparing her to a Disney character. It's super Goofy.


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