Justin Bieber — Dad Trashes Home … And I'm Getting the Bill!

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Justin Bieber Dad ApartmentJustin Bieber has become a dad to his dad … not only paying the elder Bieber's rent … but he may have to bail his father out for TRASHING the home he was renting.

Jeremy Bieber leased a house in Kitchener, Ontario from October 2011 to September 2012. The landlord claims he left the place in shambles … pet urine and feces stains all the over place, a toilet that busted after someone flushed a hairbrush down it and lots of other stuff.

A judge saw it the landlord's way, and according to legal docs — obtained by TMZ — ordered Jeremy to pay $12,852.93.

But Jeremy's sugar baby Justin will probably foot the bill, because it seems he's paid for everything else. The landlord attached a wire receipt showing Justin covered the $1,650 monthly rent.

We contacted Justin's lawyer, who had no comment.

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