Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Plan to Sign a $760M Prenup?

Posted on Apr 20 2017 - 10:15am by Celeb

The latest tabloid rumor says that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are already talking about signing a $760 million prenup. At least that’s what In Touch claims. According to its latest issue, Lopez and Rodriguez have fallen so hard for each other which led to talks about getting married. The gossip magazine further stated that before they do, both parties involved want to make sure that their assets are well protected. And just like that, there came about the assumptions on a prenup, which can include a massive collection of stunning silverware.

According to a ‘supposed’ source, the Jennifer is very particular about protecting her finances and that she also wants her kids covered against untoward incidents. The insider also said that just like Lopez, Alex also wants to be covered financially that is why a prenup was considered important to him.

Now, where did the $760 million figure come from? It seems that the publication based this from the assumption that Lopez has a net worth of $360 million while Rodriguez on the other hand has net worth of $400 million.

But Gossip Cop on the other hand revealed what was really going on. Just recently, the US Weekly erroneously claimed that Lopez and Rodriguez were already talking about getting married. In Touch, taking the bait, seized the opportunity to spread a rumor, and then sugarcoated this with an alleged prenuptial agreement. To prove that this was really a rumor, Gossip Cop approached a very reliable source and all this person had to say was that the story was ‘ridiculous’.

So much for having found really juicy gossip. Sorry to break it to you folks, it’s just a bad rumor spread by an unreliable source.

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