Jennifer Lawrence On The Life-Size Katniss Cake: 'Screw You, Girl Who Made The Cake, I'm Not 5'11 And My Waist Is Smaller!'

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There's one surefire to tell if you've reached A-lister status or not…

Just ask yourself how many life-size cakes you've had made of you. And now you know your status.

Jennifer Lawrence found out she reached the big leagues after master cake artist Lara Clarke made a life-size Katniss Everdeen!

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When Jennifer went on BBC Radio 1 with her Hunger Games co-stars, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, she was handed a photo of her cake-likeness.

She said:

“Oh my god, yeah, I saw it. I saw it. It's 5'11. But seriously if the girl who made that is listening: You're incredibly talented.”

Aww! That's so sweet she shouted out to her on the radio like that.

Though she wasn't as appreciative once she realized a similarly impressive Jack Sparrow cake was made by Lara last year.

Lawrence then joked:

“Really? Okay now I don't feel as special. Screw you, girl who made the cake, I'm not 5'11 — and my waist is smaller!”

Ha! She's hilarious.

We bet she totally made Lara's day!

Lara posted on Facebook:

“Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson just called me amazing on Radio1…


I am absolutely gob smacked… Like… I have tears.

This is awesome.”

Your cake is what's awesome!!

If you wanna see some more shots of her amazing food/art click HERE!!

Way to go, Lara! Where's the Perez cake, huh?? LOLz!

[Image via Facebook.]

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