Janet Jackson Wants Out From Marriage to Wissam Al Mana

Posted on Apr 20 2017 - 9:42am by Celeb

It was only a few months when Janet Jackson was seen glowing while picking out from among the floral arrangements in a store while wearing a black outfit with her baby bump. Now, three months after giving birth to first child, son Eissa, she now wants to call her marriage with Wissam Al Mana quits. So it seems that money really can’t buy you all the happiness in this world. For those of you who are not aware, the 50-year old singer is married to a billionaire.

According to sources, the couple who have been living in London were having problems reconciling their differences. The latest issue from the US Weekly says that the two of them had differing lifestyles. A friend of the Grammy winner told reporters how Wissam was bent on having a wife who followed the Muslim traditions. Now, what do you think happens if you insist on this belief to someone who is known for her daring performances? The source also revealed that the couple were already having a hard time getting along even before the baby was born, even saying that they butted heads a lot.

Even so, Jackson chose to keep conservative during their marriage where she let go of her cleavage-baring attire in exchange for more ‘decent’ clothes. She was often seen sporting figure-concealing clothes and scarves.

The insider says that the change was simply too drastic for the singer, where she no longer felt like she could be herself anymore. Last April, the singer cut short the scheduled Unbreakable tour so that she could start a family. Her career started suffering which made her resent her husband. She was not cut out for the role that her husband was expecting of her.  She wanted her freedom. She felt hidden and away from that of her family.

The source says that wants primary custody of their son. The mother and son will be splitting their time between London and L.A. and will be staying separate from the rich business magnate. As of now, there’s no news if the billionaire is trying to woo her back with floral arrangements. The source says that while Janet loved her husband, she wants her life back.

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