'iZombie': David Anders On How Blaine Is Dealing With The Possibility He'll Get His Memories Back

Posted on May 4 2017 - 4:47pm by Celeb

And right now, David said Blaine is taking things “moment by moment.”

For the first two seasons, Blaine was a villain on the show,
one who put himself first, and David does miss some of the swagger old Blaine had.

“You miss the smarmy charm and the one-liners. He had
such great words they provided him with to say. But the new guy, he’s like a
newborn baby, you know what I mean? He’s just kind of learning the world and
learning all these terrible things that this guy, who people say he is, did in
the past, which of course, is another fun thing to play with,” he said.
“And, the benefit of it is … it kind of washes away all of his sins,
essentially, so that Blaine can go on living in the ‘iZombie’ universe, in the
world. Gives him another chance, if you will.”

One person who has had a stronger degree of skepticism about new Blaine than is Liv Moore (Rose McIver), who still remembers Blaine as the guy who
killed her boyfriend, Lowell. And, there will still be tension between the two.

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