In A Surprise To Know One, It Turns Out Your Cellphone Carrier Might Be Spying On Your Online Usage

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Call us shocked.

A new report claims that your cellphone carrier could be tracking what you do on your smartphone!

Apparently, companies like AT&T and Verizon are tapping into at least 100 million users' phones to see just what they're up to on the internet.

While this isn't surprising, it is interesting to hear what the major phone carriers have to say about the scandalous invasion of privacy.

They say that they aren't using the information to do any harm, just to let advertisers know what people are searching.

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So basically, they're selling your info in order for other companies to get money from you too.

Smart business move.

The FCC have been notified about the so called “Super Cookies,” (seriously?) but we doubt anything will actually be done to make any change.

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