Family Feud Contestant Mocks Husband’s Penis Size, Makes Everyone Uncomfortable

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Family Feud: Allowing old married couples to reveal intimate details about their personal lives since 1976. It's what has made the show last this long, to be honest.

This time, a contestant named Joyce (of course, her name is Joyce), gave a clue that is possibly the key to her unsatisfying sexual relationship with her husband, Pete. It was so much more than we wanted to know, and yet, we were powerless to stop the flood of info coming from Joyce.

Damn it, Joyce!

So host Steve Harvey presented this question to the two women at the podium: “If you could change one part of your husband's body, what would it be?”

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Off the top of our heads, our answer would have probably been something like: “stomach,” “butt,” or “biceps.” And yeah, our minds went there but we would never have said that out loud on national television. Especially if our husband is ten feet away.

But Joyce went there. She said “his penis.” Steve gave her his patented “Oh no, you did not” look, and then she tried to defend herself, saying to him: “You were thinking it!”

Damn it all to hell, Joyce! You are making it WORSE.

Poor Pete.

Family Feud Pete GIFFamily Feud/YouTube

That, dear friends, is the face of a man who is laughing on the outside, but is trying to control his urge to kill on the inside.

And in case you were wondering, “penis” was not on the board.


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