Emmy Rossum — Celebrity Burglars’ Most Recent Victim

Posted on Mar 31 2017 - 2:41pm by Celeb

If you want to save yourself from being a victim of a burglar, you may be better off just collecting reasonably-priced gorgeous area rugs than that of expensive jewelry. Just think about it – you can show these off to your friends, and you do not need to keep it in a safe.

Well, we guess that you can do away with just that when you are an ordinary person, but not when you are a Hollywood star where the paparazzis are always documenting your life, attire, and accessories included. That is why actress Emmy Rossum must have had all those jewelry inside her safe.

She was not the only one who had a penchant for them though. Thieves also thought that they were really pretty, enough to make some extra cash with them.  The burglars decided that it was a nice time to visit her home while she was away for work.

It was the Shameless star’s housekeeper who first discovered about the incident. Sources say that the housekeeper was to clean the property when she noticed that the two safes were empty. According to TMZ, law enforcement sources told how the power was turned off and that one of the glass panes on the back door has been smashed. This must have been the entryway for the burglars.

The sources also claimed that Rossum lost about $150,000 (or $214,000) worth of antique jewelry, which were the ones that were supposedly stored in the safes. Insiders implied that the actress was not without fault. She made it really easy for the thieves to get away with her jewelry – she left the written combination of the said safes just right next to them. The law enforcement officials have reason to believe that the power was intentionally cut so that the burglars could deactivate the alarm system.

This is not the first time that a celebrity has become a victim of burglary. Others include the likes of Kendall Jenner, Alanis Morissette, Jaime Pressly, and Nick Young – and this list is just for 2017.

So you decide – collect jewelry or gorgeous area rugs? Which do you think is the better choice? A hint – just take a look at what happened to Emmy Rossum.

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