Drew Barrymore: Don't Be Afraid of a Red Lip on Valentine's Day (and More Beauty Tips from the Star)

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02/13/2015 at 09:00 AM ET

You know that beauty myth that guys hate a red lip? Drew Barrymore is here to tell you it’s not true. And if you’re still hesitant, she has a few suggestions. (PSA: We should all be subscribing to the Barrymore Beauty Bible.)

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“I think one way to take fear out of it is to go with a lip lacquer instead of a matte lipstick,” the Flower Beauty founder told PEOPLE. “I think matte just makes it seem like a closed, chalky immovable door, where as lacquer — who’s not going to want to just kiss it. It shines. It’s so amazingly luscious and sensual and sort of naughty. It’s got a patent leather kind of intrigue to it. I think it’s like very sexy, I want to lick that paint.”

Barrymore also advised that before a big date (like Valentine’s Day!), it’s important to carve out some time for yourself.

“The thing girls just don’t do in life is take 10 minutes to get themselves ready, because everyone is on the go and that’s just life,” she said. “Some of the best parts of a date are the getting-ready parts and having fun and dancing around the room and listening to music and having a glass of wine and putting on your makeup so you go out and actually feel sexy and presentable.”

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And even Barrymore needs to start following her own advice: “My entire life I show up to everything with my husband last minute — makeup on in the car, throwing my shoes on, and it would be so nice to show up having giving myself a moment and focused on feeling sexy.”

As for Barrymore’s own beauty resolutions, she plans to put a lot more effort into her eyes. “I don’t think I’ve worn eye makeup in like two or three years since having kids,” she shared. “You throw on a lip, and you’re like, ‘I did something.’ ” I’m obsessed with these kohl liners because they just move and work so well. And they last throughout the day. There is such a good security with these.”

She also swears by Flower Beauty’s new mascara if you want mega “carpet lashes.”

“We have a three-way comb, so it actually goes right through your lashes and then combs them up so you get this very thick, wide lash,” she explained. “It becomes these old-world, thick carpet lashes, instead of thin, wispy and long lashes like extensions and falsies. They are very dense and depth-y. Our new formula really does it if you are looking for tons of yummy volume.”

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So how will the star be spending Valentine’s Day? Well, we know she’ll definitely be wearing pretty makeup. And she’ll also be giving presents made with some TLC.

“I really like making something you cannot find in a store,” she shared. “Anything made for me is a real winner — even if it’s to make a reservation. That’s huge. I think women need to manage their expectations on Valentine’s Day. Don’t fault him if he didn’t deliver the moon on a platter. It’s a special date night — if he made a reservation, it’s a miracle!”

What do you think of Barrymore’s beauty advice? Will you do a little eye and a little lip on Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts below.

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