Don Lemon — Plays the Victim Card in Apology for Cosby Oral Sex Question

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Don Lemon ApologyDon Lemon apologized for suggesting an alleged Bill Cosby rape victim should have bitten him during oral sex — pleading he wouldn't intentionally be insensitive because he's a sexual abuse victim himself.

In case you missed it … during Tuesday's interview Lemon suggested the woman could have prevented Cosby from allegedly forcing her to perform oral sex. It came off like he was blaming the victim and angered a lot of viewers.

Lemon went on the air Wednesday afternoon and said, “As a victim myself I would never want to suggest that any victim could have prevented a rape. If my question struck anyone as insensitive, I’m sorry as that was not my intention.”

Lemon revealed in 2010 that he was molested as a child.


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