Disney Actress — I Was Teenage Elsa In 'Frozen' … And All I Got Was $926

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Teenage Elsa Voice
Frozen” actress Spencer Lacey Ganus could use a better agent … because even though she starred as teeange Elsa in the biggest animated film ever … she got paid pennies. 

The 15-year-old voiced one of the most iconic characters in Disney history … but only got a one-day guaranteed payment of $926.20 … this according to her contract which was filed with the court.

Granted she only had a few lines. Another actress played young Elsa, and Idina Menzel was the voice of grown-up Elsa. 

Nonetheless … the movie grossed more than 1.2 BILLION. So Ganus' slice of the pie is .000077%.   

Let it go Spencer.

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